Know how to book your stay at the Chalet

Useful information

1. To access Chalet Júlia you will need to sign a contract.

2. This agreement is valid for 22 weeks. Weekly fees will be different for contracts of different durations.

3. Rooms can be rented during July and August. Prices will be provided upon request.

4. The agreement includes a weekly fee for the cleaning of common areas. You can request room cleaning upon additional payment.

5. You will be provided with bed linen, bathroom towels and all basic materials needed to cook your meals. You just need to bring with you your cloths and personal items.

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    The reservation will only be valid after payment of the total value of the deposit. For more information about booking, please consult our page How to book?

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    Chalet Julia Marker
    Chalet Júlia
    Nova SBE - 3 km
    Beach - 800 m
    Lisbon - 15 km
    Chalet Julia Marker
    Apartments in Lisbon
    Train - 1 km
    Nova SBE - 14 km